Our story

We produce soulful furniture.
A mixture of Polish hospitality and Indian tempers.

The story of gapi is a story of putting everything on the line – a spontaneous pursuit of our desire, in which nobody believed in our success except for us. By “us,” I mean Dorota and Michał, a furniture and interior designer and an IT architect, respectively. Six years ago, in order to realize our idea of creating unique furniture made of solid wood, we embarked on a three-month journey through India.

We went there blindly, without contacts or acquaintances, but armed with Dorota’s original designs created several years earlier. We had no specific plan but knew we wanted to find craftsmen specializing in solid wood. We didn’t know where to look exactly. While continuing to work remotely, we traveled through various regions of India, seeking a factory that met our requirements for high-quality wood and craftsmanship, ethical sourcing of wood, fair treatment of workers, and technical drawing skills.

Our journey began in Mumbai, and then we headed south towards Kerala before moving north to Rajasthan, renowned for its handicrafts.. Each time we were hopeful and equally disappointed when, despite visiting amazing parts of the world, we could not find what we were looking for. Nevertheless, we knew that even if we failed, we would ultimately come out of it with the adventure of a lifetime. And there were plenty of adventures. When we arrived in northern India, we had to face 40-degree heat and daily sandstorms. Sweat, coughing, and tears. However, we will remember them with emotion because it was in these conditions that our luck turned. In northern India, we managed to establish cooperation with the first factory. We spent a month there, overseeing the production process every day. After that time, the first batch of our furniture was ready. We did it!

This is not a story about meticulously implementing a detailed business plan. We didn’t have one. We had passion and a belief that we would succeed, although at the beginning of this journey there weren’t too many people who believed in us. Today, after 6 years, we see that we have created something that we are proud of. We offer you durable and unique furniture made of solid wood, driven by our love for what is naturally beautiful. We design in Poland and produce in India. We use the resources of this country responsibly, cooperating with experienced craftsmen and running the business in the spirit of fair trade. Our furniture will stay with you for years. We want them to bring into your homes not only functionality and beauty but also what we believe in: dreams, respect for others, courage, and breaking conventions.

It all started with a journey… and we’re still on it.

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